Tropical Treats For Skin & Hair Care
Author: Sarah Orlandi
Friday, May 15, 2015

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With the start of a new season, artisans can bring the tropics to customers with a few exotic ingredients. Mango butter and coconut oil can be great additions to any summer product. Not only are they well-known for their tropical origin, but they also possess hair and skin loving properties. Formulating products with these fruity favorites will send customers on a vacation with their skin and hair care.

Care With Coconut Oil.
This multi-tasking oil is revered by some as the Holy Grail of skin and hair care. In many parts of the world using coconut oil as a cosmetic and skincare product is an ancient practice, especially in the tropics where it is a trusted moisturizing and protective agent. Unrefined coconut oil contains medium-chain-length fatty acids that help strengthen underlying tissues and remove excess dead skin cells. Unlike commercial brand moisturizers, which can contain ingredients that suffocate skin or don’t provide enough moisture, coconut oil provides real moisture to the skin. When formulating skincare products with coconut oil, the possibilities are endless. It’s a great addition to lotions, soaps, and body scrubs. Consider incorporating coconut oil into summer products like natural sunscreen and bug repellent. The wholesome properties from coconut oil make it gentle enough to use in wrinkle preventing skincare formulations, such as under eye creams and serums. 

Coconut oil is a wonderful, natural ingredient for hair care. Using coconut oil in formulations can bring natural moisture and shine to customer’s locks, as well as repair and protect from future damage. Conditioners and styling products formulated with coconut oil can bring the benefits of this tropical treasure to any type of hair. Formulating with coconut oil can be a great way to inspire a tropical sensation in your next product line, as well as bring skin and hair-loving benefits to customers. 

Mango Butter Benefits.
Mango butter is derived from the de-shelled and pressed fruit kernels of mangos. Through this process the lipids and fats are obtained and become butter with excellent emollient properties for skincare. These fats are thought to effect restoration of the skin as well as promote skin elasticity and hydration. The mango originates from southern Asia, but can also be found in tropical regions. The natives of these areas have been incorporating this butter into their skin and hair care for centuries.  Take inspiration from this tropical fruit and incorporate it into a seasonal product line. Formulate luxurious soaps and lotions with mango butter that feature the skin care benefits that this soft butter contains.  Mango butter can also be used in lip care products because of its superior moisturizing qualities. 

Mango butter’s benefits do no stop at the skin. This antioxidant rich butter can also be added to hair care formulas to bring extra moisture to your tresses. It can treat dry, frizzy hair by nourishing it with its natural vitamins and minerals while sealing moisture into the hair. Mango butter is a great ingredient to incorporate in a deep-conditioner or styling product formula. The natural fats moisturize the hair follicle, and create a brilliant shine. Find inspiration from this fruity favorite, and incorporate the tropics into your product line. 

Fruity Fragrances.
This season, look for inspiration from tropical fruit fragrances. They are extremely popular in the personal care market during the summer months. Fruity scents like coconut, mango, pineapple, and banana will fly off the shelves. Well-known retail stores like Bath & Body Works® and Victoria’s Secret® PINK® are debuting spring collections with fragrances and packaging inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. Find inspiration from these major retailers and pair coconut, pineapple and mango fragrances for a fun tropical or Caribbean inspired product line. Consider introducing colorful packaging with aqua blue, bright pink and orange. Not only will your handmade products be eye-catching, but their fragrances will sell themselves. 

Tropical fruits are a great source of inspiration for your handmade products this season. Remember ingredients like coconut oil and mango butter when formulating your recipes. They are on trend with a tropical theme and they have practical benefits for skin and hair care. Find inspiration in tropical fragrances like pineapple, mango, coconut and banana. Remember to use bright colors in your packaging to catch attention. 

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