Plan for April 2016

We are dedicated to helping artisans and crafters start and develop small businesses. To help you better stay organized, we encourage you to follow along with our new monthly planner. 

This planner tool is available each month in your copy of Handmade Magazine. If you haven't subscribed yet, be sure to sign up today! Click here for more details. 

April 2016 Planner

We recommend that each day should follow one important focus.

Sunday: Focus on Friends and Family
Monday: Focus on Work Life Balance
Tuesday: Focus on Ingredient Research
Wednesday: Focus on Good Manufacturing
Thursday: Focus on Business
Friday: Focus on Organization
Saturday: Focus on Mind and Body Health

Week One:
Fri. 1 - April Fools Day
Sat. 2 - World Autism Awareness Day

Week Two:
Sun. 3 - Do Something Special for a Friend
Mon. 4 - Set Monthly Personal Goals
Tues. 5 - 30 Mins of Online Research about Sweet Almond Oil
Weds. 6 - Inspect Equipment for Defects & Replacement
Thurs. 7 - Book Assignment: The Must-Have Customer by Robert Gordman - Discussion Next Month
Fri. 8 - Assess Inventory, Place Restock Orders
Sat. 9 - Reflect on 1 Personal Improvement Goal

Week Three:
Sun. 10 - Do Something Special For Yourself
Mon. 11 - Express Gratitude To 1 Person Today
Tues. 12 - 30 Min. of Online Research on Coconut Oil
Weds. 13 - Catalog and Photograph Equipment for Tax Planning
Thurs. 14 - Browse Retail Stores for Area Market Trends
Fri. 15 - Clean Up Emails
Sat. 16 - Healthy Living Day, No Sugar or Sweets

Week Four:
Sun. 17 - Plan a Special Family Meal for Tonight
Mon. 18 - Spend 30 Min. Coloring in a Coloring Book, Trust Us - It Clears the Mind
Tues. 19 - 30 Min. of Online Research on Bentonite Clay
Weds. 20 - Volunteer Day
Thurs. 21 - Browse Retail Stores to Identify Buyer Preferences
Fri. 22 - Earth Day
Sat. 23 - Drink 64 oz. of Water

Week Five:
Sun. 24 - Help a Neighbor or Bring Them a Handmade Item
Mon. 25 - Write a Letter to Yourself About a Personal Goal
Tues. 26 - 30 Min. of Online Research on Titanium Dioxide
Weds. 27 - Update Mandatory OSHA Safety Records, even if it says no injuries
Thurs. 28 - Make a List of New Products to Explore and Learn to Make
Fri. 29 - Identify 1 Organization Challenge and Solve It
Sat. 30 - Identify and Meditate on 1 Regret


Wholesale Supplies Plus is not responsible for the products you create from our supplies. You alone are responsible for product and recipe testing to ensure compatibility and safety.