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  Perfume – General Questions  
  What kinds of products can be used for all day body fragrance?

Let's review the most popular body fragrances. They are:

  1. Liquid Body Sprays and Body Splash. These are water based, lightly-scented products.
  2. Liquid Cologne and Perfume Spray. These are sprays that contain a higher percentage of fragrance, usually with an oil or silicone base. Commercially produced colognes and perfumes can be produced with a high percentage of alcohol. We have found that most home-based manufacturers do not wish to apply for the federal license to manufacture with alcohol so they use the oil and silicone bases.
  3. Roll-On Perfumes. These are oil-based fragrances with strong fragrance. They tend to be very long lasting.
  4. Solid Perfumes. These are also called balm of oil. They can be produced with waxes and natural butters. They tend to have a strong fragrance and are long lasting.

What is the difference between Wholesale Supplies Plus’s Luxury Mist and Body Splash?

Both are water based liquid body splashes. The Luxury Mist will hold 0.5% to 2% fragrance. The Body Splash will hold 1% to 2% fragrance.

Can I make my own body spray?

Yes, making your own body sprays is very popular! Check out the recipes in the perfume library.

What is a “Fragrance Modifier” and do I need it in body sprays?

Fragrance modifiers are designed to help oil incorporate into water. For products such as liquid body sprays, it allows fragrance oil to blend instead of float. Two popular fragrance modifiers are Crafter’s Choice Fragrance and Essential Oil Modifier or Polysorbate 20. When fragrance oil is added to a clear body spray base, you will find that the Crafter’s Choice FO/EO Modifier will stay clear and the Polysorbate 20 will cloud the body spray.

Can I color my body spray?

Yes! Since body sprays are water based, you will want to use water-soluble colorants. Most often dyes are used because they remain clear in a clear base. You should note that adding too much color will stain the skin and clothing.

Can I use Everclear to make a body spray?

Everclear is sometimes called grain alcohol. While it does accept fragrance and evaporate quickly, it should not be used to manufacturer body sprays for the purposes of sale. To produce and sell a body spray made with alcohol you need to have a special license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency. If you are interested in applying for this special license you need to contact the Department of Homeland Security.

Why doesn’t Wholesale Supplies Plus sell SD or Perfumer’s Alcohol?

These alcohols have very low flashpoints (often below 60º F) and our local fire department has asked that we do not store any product with a flashpoint under 100º F in our facility.

Every flammable liquid has a vapor pressure, which is a function of that liquid's temperature. As the vapor pressure increases, the concentration of evaporated flammable liquid in the air increases. The flash point is the minimum temperature at which there is enough evaporated fuel in the air to start combustion. The fire point of a liquid is the temperature at which it will continue to burn after ignition for at least 5 seconds.

What is the difference between Cyclomethicone and Roll On Perfume Base?

Cyclomethicone is a man made silicone which has a silky dry feel. It can accept up to 5% fragrance oil. It is fairly thick and can be combined with oils, such as jojoba to make a luxurious dry oil spray.

The Liquid Perfume base will accept up to 50% of most fragrance oils.

It is important to note that while these bases can accept this much fragrance, you must still observe the maximum use level for the particular fragrance you are using. The fragrance maximum use level is the percentage the ingredients are approved by the International Fragrance Association for skin contact. If a fragrance has a maximum use level of 8% for perfume you ABSOLUTELY can not use more than 8%....even though the base will accept more.

How do I make a solid perfume?

You can use your favorite recipe or base for lip balms or lotion bars as a solid perfume base. Most often solid perfumes are made from beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and/or fractionated coconut oil. A good beginner’s recipe is 1 oz of melted beeswax and 3 oz of jojoba oil.

Are solid perfumes popular?

Yes! Both Roll-on and solid perfumes have the advantage of being easy to carry in purse, pocket or backpack.

Are perfumes considered to be a cosmetic?

Yes, the FDA states that body perfumes are a cosmetic. We have a video that discusses the basics of this concept. Click here to view the movie.

Are perfumes profitable to produce and sell?

Yes, our experience is people of all ages enjoy them. You will find they have a very good profit margin.

Can you give me some suggestions on how to package my perfume?

If you are using higher amounts of fragrance you will want to make sure to use a container that will hold up to high fragrance loads. Acrylic, Metal and Glass are most popular. Products such as body splashes that have a lower fragrance load such as 1 to 2% are often packaged in PET bottles with a fine mist sprayer.

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