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Our specialty bottles and tubes are designed for specific cosmetic uses. We offer airless pumps for shaving cream, foamer bottles for foaming hand wash, lip balm tubes for lip balm, lotion bar tubes for solid lotion/deodorant, powder shakers for foot powder, roll on bottles for perfume, sprayer bottles for body splash, and salt tubes for bath salt.

If you can’t find a bottle for your intended use, call us at 1-800-359-1944 for assistance or use our live chat during normal business hours. We are happy to help!

Airless Bottles

Airless Bottles are generally made of PP plastic, and ordinarily used for shave products and facial moisturizers. The bottom of these bottles has a piston that pushes product up and out. With the piston following the product, it means no air is getting into the bottle hence the name “airless bottles”.

This is important because air contains oxygen, and oxygen may cause damage and degradation in cosmetics. Use airless pumps for after-shave gel, face cream, pre-shave oil, and shaving cream. .  

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Foamer Bottles & Tops

Foamer Bottles & Tops are packaging options for foaming hand washes. The tops have an air chamber, which turns the liquid soap to foaming soap. Foaming hand soap is easier to lather, and generally means less soap is needed. This makes foaming hand soap economical. Less soap also means your hands are less likely to dry out from frequent hand washing..  

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Lip Balm Tubes

Lip Balm Tubes are perfect for packaging lip balms and solid perfumes. To fill them with product either use a small beaker to fill each tube individually or place tubes in a lip tube filling tray to fill many at once. Some lip tubes come with the tube and cap while others are sold separately. Don’t forget to add caps to your order if buying separately!.  

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Lotion Bar Tubes

Lotion Bar Tubes are for easy-application lotion bars. Tubes are available in a variety of styles including twist-up and push-up. Some have slide caps while others have screw on caps. Lotion bar tubes are also perfect for packaging handmade deodorant. .  

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Roll On Bottles

Roll On Bottles are small cylindrical bottles with usually a metal or plastic ball on top. This packaging is commonly used for lip-gloss, perfume, diluted essential oils in carrier oil, or eye serum. .  

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Salt Tubes - Powder Shakers

Salt Tubes are tall and skinny cylindrical containers commonly used to package bath salts. Powder Shakers are used for powdered cosmetics such as foot powders, baby powders, and dry shampoo..  

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Sprayer Bottles & Tops

Sprayer Bottles & Tops are tall and skinny tubes with small sprayers on top. They are commonly used for perfumes, body sprays, room sprays, and aromatherapy mists. Choose from a variety of colors..  

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