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December 2016 Sale Coupons - (Good for this Month Only!)
We appreciate your business! Order at least $40 in 12 months and receive FREE MONTHLY COUPONS. Coupons are added to your account on the first day of each month and expire at the end of each month unless otherwise noted.

Access coupons from your “My Account” Coupon Vault. Coupons cannot be used on bulk or sale items and cannot be combined with other offers/coupons on the same item.
Bronze Customer - (Annual Purchases $40 to $499/year)
Spend $40 in 12 months and receive new free coupons like these each month:
100% Off   - 1lb Baking Soda
50% Off   - 1 Set Bath Bomb Molds 10 pc
25% Off   - 2oz Dendritic Salt
25% Off   - 2oz Ultra Refined Shea Butter
10% Off   - 1lb Citric Acid
Silver Customer - (Annual Purchases $500 to $2,999/year)
Bronze Coupons + These Additional Coupons:
100% Off   - Handmade Magazine - Volume 52
100% Off   - 1lb Stearic Acid
50% Off   - 2oz Winter Time Bath Tea
25% Off   - 1lb White Kaolin Clay
25% Off   - 1lb Glycerin
10% Off   - 16oz Pomace Olive Oil
Gold Customer - (Annual Purchases $3,000 to $9,999/year)
Bronze & Silver Coupons + These Additional Coupons:
100% Off   - 4oz Limoncello Fragrance
100% Off   - Sample French White Mica Color
50% Off   - 12 Natural Malibu 2 oz
25% Off   - 1lb Mineral Oil
10% Off   - 50pc White Oval Soap Boxes
Platinum Customer - (Annual Purchases Over $10,000/year)
Bronze, Silver, Gold Coupons + These Additional Coupons:
100% Off   - 2oz Beeswax Refined
100% Off   - 1 White Lip Tube Box
50% Off   - 12 Oval Natural Lip Tubes
25% Off   - 1lb Avocado Oil
10% Off   - 2oz Cupcake Frosting Flavor Oil
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