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Simple Secrets: Embedding MP Soap Into CP Soap
By Wholesale Supplies Plus Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Soap embeds allow soap makers to add fun shapes and designs to soaps. Silicone column molds are often used to create the desired shape, and then the soap column is embedded into a loaf. When the finished soap is cut, the column shape will appear in each soap slice. There are a variety of column molds available from simple shapes such as circles or hearts to more elaborate shapes such as butterflies or gingerbread men. In this article, we will share some tips for embedding melt and pour soap embeds into cold process soap loaves.

Make Embed:
First, you need to create the melt and pour soap embed. Fold the column mold closed ensuring that all edges are securely pressed and that the mold is completely closed. Next, stand the mold up on a jelly roll pan and support the sides. We used two mitre boxes to support our mold and secured them with a rubber band (this helps minimize any bowing that may occur with this type of mold). Prepare your mp soap base with your desired color and fragrance, and then pour the soap into the mold at a temperature of around 125ºF. Allow to harden, and then remove from the mold.

Pictured: Crafter's Choice® Tree Column Silicone Soap Mold, Sparkle Green Melt and Pour Soap Base and Sparkling Snowflake Fragrance Oil.

Cool Embed:
Next, cool the soap embed in the refrigerator. Cold process soap making involves hot temperatures that can melt the soap embed. To prevent the embed from melting, we chill our melt and pour soap embed before using it in our final loaf.

Add Embed:
Finally, we can put the embed in our final loaf. Prepare your cold process soap, soaping at a temperature of 100ºF or cooler. Pour a small amount of soap into the bottom of the loaf mold and then tap the mold down to eliminate any air pockets. With gloved hands, gently place the melt & pour soap embed into the poured cold process soap. Finish pouring the cp soap alternating back and forth around the embed to avoid the embed from majorly shifting. Once the mold is filled, tap it down again, and then texture the top as desired. It is important that your soap does not go through gel phase because the heat can melt the embed. If you live in a warm climate, you may find placing the soap in the refrigerator works best to avoid the soap from overheating. Allow your soap to harden, and then remove from the mold. Cut into soap slices with a sturdy soap cutter that is strong enough for melt and pour soap. Allow your soap to cure as normal.

Pictured: 76º Melt Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Dolphin Blue Mica Powder, Super Sparkle White Diamonds Mica Powder, Matte White Pigment Powder for Oil, Crafter's Choice® Sparkling Snowflake Fragrance Oil.

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