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Using Activated Charcoal in Soap Making
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Friday, December 18, 2015

What is Activated Charcoal?
Activated charcoal is a fine black powder that is becoming increasingly popular as an additive in soaps and cosmetics. This porous ingredient is thought to attract toxins to its pits leaving skin rejuvenated and radiant. Soapers are using this in their cold process soap, melt and pour soap, face masks, and face scrubs.

Is this the same as my barbecue charcoal?
Not your backyard BBQ charcoal. Activated charcoal undergoes either a steam-activation process or chemical-activation process where all volatile compounds are removed. During this time layers of carbon atoms are removed leaving behind a carbon skeleton with larger internal pores. These internal pores are what trap the toxins!

How is it made and processed?
The steam-activation process is commonly used with coconut shells. While this process is more involved and takes longer than chemical-activation, the end result is a dense powder with the most amounts of internal pores. Steam-activated charcoal is considered the premium product since it is most effective at adsorbing.

Can it be used in soap making?
While activated charcoal is relatively new to the soaping industry, its history dates back to ancient Egypt. Charcoal was used to manufacturer bronze and for embalming, but that was just the beginning! Today you can find activated charcoal used for water treatment and filtration, in gas masks, products that de-odorize (perfect for your refrigerator), and even teeth whitening.

How much do I use when making my soap?
To obtain a dark black soap use 1/4 teaspoon of activated charcoal per pound of soap. We found that it is best to mix it with a small amount of soap and then add to the rest of the batch.

Is the coconut better than hardwood variety?
The coconut activated charcoal is pH neutral and will not impact the pH of any of your products. Due to the different processing of this product it is considered a higher and more pure grade. Some people call it "the good stuff" but we think both are good depending on your price point and application.

Where can I buy Activated Charcoal?
It is great to incorporate this new product into your new 2016 recipes! For a liminted time, this product is available at a reduced cost at 

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