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Using Brown Sugar in Exfoliating Scrubs
By Wholesale Supplies Plus Monday, January 18, 2016
Sugar is an inexpensive way to add scrubbing power to your cosmetic scrub formulations! Brown Sugar is typically viewed as more natural than white sugar granules thus adding label appeal. The light brown sugar is generally coarser than white sugar making it more suitable for foot scrubs or body scrubs.

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DIY Brown Sugar Scrubs

  1. Start with Your Base - Foaming Bath Whip is an excellent soapy base for sugar scrubs.
  2. Mix - Whip the base with a hand mixer.
  3. Add Sugar – Brown Sugar adds a coarse exfoliant to scrubs.
  4. (Optional) Add Oils and Vitamin E - Oils create a softer and more moisturizing scrub and Vitamin E prevents the oils from going rancid.
  5. (Optional) Add Fragrance  - Fragrances and Essential Oils add the aroma that attracts customers to purchase.
  6. Mix - Blend it all together with a hand mixer or spoon.
  7. Package – Sugar scrubs are typically packaged in a Jar with a Top with a Foam Liner. The liner prevents the product from leaking out - especially if oil was added. A Press and Seal Liner also helps to keep the product from leaking.

Brown Sugar Scrub Recipes

Brown Sugar and Oats Body Scrub – The Brown Sugar and Oats Body Scrub Recipe emulsifies oils and butters with melt and pour soap for a moisturizing and lathering scrub. Brown Sugar and Chopped Oats created the lovely exfoliation.

Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub – In our Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe, Foaming Bath Whip is used as the base with Brown Sugar and coffee grounds added for the scrubbing power.

Glowing Facial Scrub – This Glowing Facial Scrub Recipe uses Foaming Bath Whip and Brown Sugar for an intense face scrub. Please note that brown sugar is a coarse exfoliant that may make this scrub too intense for people with sensitive skin.

Create Your Own – Create your own brown sugar scrub! We recommend using Foaming Bath Whip as a base and adding Brown Sugar to exfoliate. Pair with a Botanical Fragrance to be on trend!

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