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Using Milky Way Molds for Soaps and Cosmetics
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Milky Way Soap Molds are plastic soap molds used for soapmaking and cosmetic making. Artist, Catherine Failor, hand sculpts the design into a form. This form is then used to make the plastic molds. 

What are Milky Way molds made of?
Milky Way Molds are made of flexible 30-mil clear PVC plastic, sturdy and good for many many pours. 

What does Milky Way Molds look like?
Most Milky Way Molds are on a 9”x9” sheet of clear plastic with one or more cavities with the design.

Do Milky Way molds hold up to the heat of cold-process soapmaking?  
Milky Way Molds can tolerate temperatures of 135-145 degrees F. Above these temperatures, warping may occur.

Can Milky Way molds be used to make chocolate?
No, we are not a food packaging facility, and none of our products are approved for food. There is a high risk of contamination from other products we carry which are not food grade. Additionally, we are not equipped to properly sterilize any of our packing materials for food.

What cosmetics can be made with Milky Way molds?
Milky Way Molds are most commonly used to make soap. They are popular with melt and pour soap designs, and can also be used for cold process soap designs as long as the pour temperature does not exceed the maximum allowed. Milky Way Molds are also used for lotion bars, bath fizzies and wax tarts (0.65 ounce bars).

What are the different kinds of Milky Way molds?
Cavity Molds are the most popular type of Milky Way Molds, but we also carry Loaf Molds, Tray MoldsBreak-A-Way Molds, Clamshells and Soap Cups.

What if I have a hard time getting the soap to come out of the molds?
Soap that is allowed to remain in the mold for 12-24 hours after cooling down releases much more easily than demolding immediately after cooling. You can also try applying mold release which consists of 1 part melted paraffin wax mixed with 3 parts baby oil. This mix is best applied when warm. Finally, if all else fails, try placing the soap-filled molds in the freezer for an hour or so. Watch this video to learn more: Removing MP Soap from Plastic Molds.

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