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Herb Garden Essentials
Author: Sarah Orlandi
Friday, July 31, 2015

You can bring the essence of the common herb garden to your customers with essential oils. Essential oils are popular because of their aromatic properties that are thought to ease aches and pains, skin problems and much more. Their popularity has increased because of the emergence of a more environmentally conscience generation that appreciates products that do not contain phthalates or parabens. This eco-friendly group acknowledges the benefits and uses of essential oils in handmade products, which makes them a great audience for your herb garden inspired product line. Use essential oils as a muse for your new products and market to an eco-chic generation. 

Rosemary Essential Oil. This multi-tasking oil is thought to have an array of health benefits. It has been used for a variety of purposes since ancient times, especially by the Romans. Rosemary essential oil is not extensively used in skin care but is thought to have antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. With these properties, the essential oil can potentially be beneficial to skin issues such as eczema, oily skin and possibly acne. It is even thought to create a healthy glow in the skin when regularly applied. Try formulating body soaps and lotions with rosemary essential oil to bring the skin-loving benefits to customers. 

Rosemary essential oil is a great, natural ingredient for hair care. It is thought to stimulate hair follicles, which allows hair to grow stronger and longer. It is also believed to be a soothing remedy for dry and flaky scalps. With regular use, it could potentially nourish the scalp and reduce dandruff. Incorporating rosemary essential oils into shampoos and hair conditioners can be a great way to bring herb garden inspiration to your product lines. Take inspiration from brands such as AVEDA® which has a line of rosemary mint shampoos, conditioners and body washes. William-Sonoma® home collection also has a large collection of hand soaps and lotions utilizing rosemary and mint. 

An additional fun fact about rosemary essential oil is that it can also be utilized in the kitchen. The fragrance is thought to combat scents such as onions and garlic. Rosemary essential oil is often paired with mint to create a delicious scent in any kitchen.

Formulating with rosemary essential oil can be a great way to inspire herb garden sensations in your next product line and also brings a wealth of health benefits to customers. 

Peppermint Essential Oil. Peppermint is a flowering herb that originated in India, France and the United States. This essential oil has cooling properties that make it perfect for relaxation and soothing aching muscles. It is also thought to remedy skin issues such as acne and dermatitis. Its minty scent with vegetative undertones make it the perfect addition to any foot care products, shampoos, body and hand lotions, and soaps. Due to its relaxation properties, it would also pair well with spa products like bath salts. Brands such as Burt’s Bees® have incorporated peppermint oil into many of their products including lip balms, foot lotions and body washes. Take inspiration from this refreshing herb and incorporate its soothing qualities into your products. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemongrass essential oil is derived through the steam distillation process of dried lemongrass. Aside from its sweet, not sour lemony scent, it also has health benefits. It is thought to be antibacterial, insecticidal, and even an effective deodorant (in small amounts). Due to all of these properties, lemongrass essential oil is a wonderful addition to product lines that contain hygiene products like deodorant, foot sprays and face washes. Another great application of this essential oil is use in insect repellant products. Take inspiration from brands such as Tom’s of Maine® and SheaMoisture® which have used lemongrass in their long-lasting deodorants and bubble baths. Utilizing this sweet essential oil in your product lines can bring a multitude of benefits to customers. 

Essential oils’ popularity has skyrocketed because of their aromatic properties, but also because of the eco-conscience generation that has emerged. Major retailers like Anthropologie®, Urban Outfitters® and LUSH® have all been extremely successful in selling handmade products that are infused with essential oils. These retailers know to target the environmentally friendly group and market to them appropriately. To market your products to younger generations, consider websites such as Etsy® which is great for handmade artisans looking for a new way to sell product. When looking for essential oils, look no further than the Wholesale Supplies Plus fragrance finder tool that is located on the website. Products like shampoos, conditioners, soaps and lotions will fly off the shelves with the incorporation of essential oils. Their health-loving benefits make them the perfect addition to any handmade collection. 


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