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Cosmetic Colorants Assorted Sample Sets Neon Powders - (You Are Here - C3133)

Neon Powders

Crafter’s Choice offers Neon Powder Sample Sets to try out some of our brightest, non-bleeding powders. One of our most popular sample sets is our Neon 1 Color Powder Set, as customers love the vibrant colors in soaps, cosmetics and more!

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Neon 1 Powder Color Sample Set
This kit includes (8) samples of different neon colors.

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$15.95 for 1 Set
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Neon 2 Powder Color Sample Set
Neon 2 Powder Sample Set includes 11 sample-sized bags of different colored neon powders. These retro-looking powders are all safe to use in soap making and all safe to use in general cosmetics with the exception of the Neon Bright Green Powder. We recommend using these neon powders in soaps because their vibrant colors remain vibrant in soapmaking!

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$13.95 for 1 Set
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