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CC Silicone Traditional Loaf

Crafter’s Choice Traditional Loaves are made with a sturdy semi-translucent silicone. They are designed specifically for soapmakers, and come in a variety of sizes. These are staple products for any melt and pour, cold process, hot process, or CPOP soapmaker!

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Crafters Choice™ Guest Loaf Silicone Mold 1502
Make guest, sample and tester sized soaps with this silicone mold. The small size is ideal for testing out new soap batches with new colors and fragrance oils!

Makes (1) 11 oz. Loaf
Loaf Dimensions: 2" x 8" x 1.25"
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$16.95 for 1 Piece

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Crafters Choice™ Honeycomb Loaf Silicone Mold 1506
Create a honeycomb design on the top of your soap bars with this silicone mold! You can save your bubble wrap for packaging the cute honey inspired soaps you’ll create with this mold. The depth of the honeycomb design is roughly 1/8”.

Makes (1) 44 oz. Loaf
Loaf Dimensions: 8" x 3.5" x 2.5" deep
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Crafters Choice™ Long Loaf Silicone Soap Mold (Fits In Wood Mold)
This is a thick and sturdy silicone loaf mold that weighs nearly 3 lb. on its own. Originally designed to fit as a liner in the Crafter's Choice Wooden Long Loaf Soap Mold, you can use it as a stand alone mold, but will need to support the sides from bowing. The natural color silicone is 1/4" thick on all sides.

Makes (1) 71.5 oz. Loaf
Loaf Dimensions: 3 1/8" wide x 19 15/16" long x 3 1/8" deep
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$49.95 for 1 Mold(s)

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Crafters Choice™ Regular Loaf Silicone Mold 1501
Our most popular mold. This traditional loaf makes eight one-inch slices of soap, and the loaves will fit in Crafter’s Choice Mitre Box for easier slicing.

Makes (1) 40 - 44 oz. Loaf
Loaf Dimensions: 3.5" x 8" x 2.5"
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Short (Small) Loaf Silicone Mold 1504
This smaller loaf is half the size of Crafter’s Choice Regular Loaf Silicone Mold making it great for testing out new soap recipes. It makes four one-inch slices of soap.

Makes (1) 20 - 24 oz. Loaf
Loaf Dimensions: 3.5" wide x 4" long x 2.5" deep
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$9.95 for 1 Mold(s)

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Crafters Choice™ Tall & Skinny Loaf Silicone Soap Mold 1505
This mold is a new twist on the classic regular loaf. It is basically the regular loaf on its side making a taller and skinnier bar of soap. This mold makes eight one-inch bars of soap.

Makes (1) 40 - 44 oz. Loaf
Loaf Dimensions: 3.5” high x 2.5" wide x 8" long
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$16.95 for 1 Mold(s)

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