Detailing Soap Molds Video
Author: WSP Videos
Thursday, April 21, 2016ddddd

Simple Secrets: Detailing Soap Molds

Learn how to colorize the ornate details of Milky Way® Molds in this short 'Simple Secrets' video. We use plastic droppers to carefully bring the designs to life, and provide tips and tricks for decorating soaps. Filling the nooks of these detailed molds with vibrant colors will attract customers to your handmade soap bars.

In this video, we detail a beautiful daffodil soap. We used Milky Way's Daffodil Soap Mold, Neon Orange You Glad Soap Color Cube, Neon Yellow Hello Soap Color Cube, Neon Blue Bye Your Soap Color Cube, Detergent Free White Soap, and Tangerine & Daffodil Fragrance Oil