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Pink Champagne Bath Salts Recipe

Yield: (8) Bottles  |  Est. Time: 1/2 Hour  |  Level: Easy

About This Recipe:
Treat yourself to a soak in the tub with these Pink Champagne Bath Salts! These are made using Pink Sea Salt with some added sparkle and scented with fresh apricot, winter berries, rich brandy and champagne. These mini bottles of bubbly make a great bath-time treat!

Shopping List:
(1) 5 lb Pink Sea Salt - Small

(1) 2 fl. oz Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil 203

(1) 2.5 gm Bag Highlight White Gold Mica Powder

(1) 1 Each Hairnets - 24 inch Disposable

(1) 1 Piece Droppers (Pipettes) - Plastic

(8) 1 Bottle 08 oz Clear Keuka Plastic Bottle - 24/410

(8) 1 Piece 24/410 Natural Smooth Disc Top Cap

(1) 50 Piece Foil Wrappers - Silver

Recipe Ingredients:
Measure ingredients with a scale or precise measuring tool.

• 5 lbs. Pink Sea Salt - Small
• 10 ml(s) Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil 203
• ½ Teaspoon(s) Highlight White Gold Mica Powder

Equipment From Home:
• (1) Large Mixing Bowl
• (1) Measuring Spoons
• (1) Spoon or Spatula
• (1) Funnel
• (1) Wax Paper
• (2) Jelly Roll Pans

NOTE: If you are making these products for sale, good manufacturing practices recommend you wear a hairnet, gloves and a mask. We also recommend a clean apron and workspace.
  1. To a large mixing bowl add 5 lb.s of pink sea salt.
  2. Drizzle 10 ml of fragrance oil and stir well.
  3. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp. of gold mica powder and mix well to coat evenly. 
  4. On jelly roll pans lined with waxed paper, lay out the bath salts to dry overnight.  
  5. To fill bottles, place a bottle with a funnel onto a scale and tare to zero. Fill to 10 oz. by weight. You may need to shake the bottles, this will help the salts to settle and ensure that 10 oz. will fit in each bottle. Repeat with remaining bottles.
  6. Place caps on bottles and add a foil wrapper to each.
  7. Label accordingly. 
To Use: Pour desired amount into bath. Soak and enjoy!

Ingredient Label: Himalayan Sea Salt, Fragrance, Fluorphlogopite, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide.

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