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Create Your Column + Choose Your Tray Mold
First choose your tray mold and what you will use as a column. Most people use a piece of wood that is cut to size for their mold. This is great if you plan to use this technique often. You can also create a simple column using cardboard and tape, this is a great option for a one-time use and little clean-up. Really, your column can be any shape and any material as long as it is safe for Cold Process soap. We love the idea of using leftover Melt and Pour Soap in a fun shaped column mold! In this tutorial, we used a handmade cardboard column to swirl our soap.
Choose Your Colors + Fragrances Wisely
For this technique, a slow-moving cold process soap recipe will work best. When formulating, be sure to include a high percentage of liquid oils. Be mindful to choose a slow-moving fragrance or essential oil. A column swirl can be done with a minimum of two colors, but in our opinion, the more variety in color, the better! We used five different colors in our column swirl soap. After choosing your colors, then decide the order in which you will pour your colors. It is best to avoid pouring similar colors directly next to one another. This will help create visual contrast and prevent similar colors from bleeding into one another which may cause you to lose the definition of each colorful layer.

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