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Creating Single Oil Soap Bars
Why Single Oil Soap Bars?
Simple can be more. Creating simple can be sustainable; especially when it means scaling down to using only what
is necessary. Next time you are shopping, notice how
a lot of packaging is simplified: solid backgrounds
with text only labels in a single color. This is the minimalism trend. In soap making, this trend is visible with the increasing attraction to single, natural colored bars of soap. One way to appeal to this simplicity is by formulating single oil soaps. In the eyes of the buyer,
100% coconut oil has an appeal because only the necessary oil is used. When making 100% single oil soap recipes there is a little finesse and only some oils are recommended for this type of soap.
A lye calculator offers soap qualities for many
oils. For each oil, you can find the predicted
hardness, cleansing, conditioning, bubbling and
creaminess properties of oils. These values are great
starting points for gauging how a recipe will turn out, and
can help you predict the outcome of a soap recipe. We used
the lye calculator from Wholesale Supplies Plus for the values listed in this article.
Check out the soap calculator tool on to determine the outcome of your recipe if you combine certain oils and butter in your formula.

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