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Olive Oil (Castile Soap)
Hardness: Soft – 17 Cleansing: Poor – 0 Conditioning: Very Good – 82 Bubbly: Poor – 0
Creamy: Good – 17
Olive oil contributes to a soft bar of soap, but it is ultra moisturizing. Fortunately, pure olive oil bars will become hard with time, but it is recommended that they cure for at least 6 months. One year is even better! Since it is already moisturizing, it doesn’t need a high super fat: 3-5% works well. Removing the finished soap can be difficult, but there are three methods to help with the softness. First is to wait. Wait until the soap is hard enough to remove from the mold (It could take 2 weeks). Second is to use a water discount. We recommend a water to lye ratio of 1.5 to 1 for Castile soap. Third is to add sodium lactate. Whichever method you choose, you will be pleased with the
gentle and moisturizing soap bar!
Rice Bran Oil
Hardness: Good – 26 Cleansing: Poor – 1
Conditioning: Excellent – 74 Bubbly: Poor – 1
Creamy: Good – 25
Rice bran oil produces an ultra-conditioning soap with a creamy lather, but lacks in cleansing properties. For this reason, it would not be good as an everyday cleansing soap bar; however, this soap could be marketed as a luxury soap or spa soap as it is thought to condition and moisturize skin incredibly well. Think of it as a nighttime treatment for your body. If you are planning on making a single oil soap
with Rice Bran Oil, we recommend a normal super fat of 5-8% for the best results.

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