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Coconut Oil
Hardness: Very Hard – 79 Cleansing: Very Cleansing – 67 Conditioning: Very Dry – 10 Bubbly: Fluffy – 67
Creamy: Poor – 12
Coconut oil creates a hard bar of soap, but at the
expense of being very drying. To compensate
for the dryness, a high super fat is typically
used. We recommend super fatting at 20%, but
some have had success going as high as 30%.
In addition to the super fat, you could add coconut
milk powder or use coconut water for their beneficial
properties. Be careful with these additives. Milk powders
and the sugar in coconut water can cause overheating. We recommend soaping at room temperature and placing your
soap in the fridge after molding. Keep in mind that some skin types cannot handle pure coconut oil soap even with a super fat and additives.
Palm Oil
Hardness: Hard – 50 Cleansing: Poor – 1 Conditioning: Good – 49 Bubbly: Poor – 1 Creamy: Excellent – 49
Palm oil produces a nice hard white bar without the strong odors of using tallow. Since it is very conditioning some people comment that it feels like lotion! This luxurious feel can be well suited for a spa soap.

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