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Lard (Pig Fat)
Hardness: Good – 42 Cleansing: Poor – 1 Conditioning: Good – 52 Bubbly: Poor – 1 Creamy: Good – 41
Beef Tallow (Cow Fat)
Hardness: Hard – 58 Cleansing: Poor – 8
Conditioning: Good – 40 Bubbly: Poor – 8
Creamy: Excellent – 50
Tallow yield very similar results to lard with producing a very hard white and conditioning soap bar. Use a 0% super fat for laundry soap and a normal super fat for hand and body soap. Tallow comes from cows and many homesteaders make 100% tallow soap to make full use of the cow. Be aware that tallow has a strong odor! Luckily, it will mostly cure out once
made into soap.
Lard is pig fat and it is commonly used at 100% with 0% super fat for laundry soap, but many rave about 100% lard soap for normal use. If making lard soap for the body a normal super fat is recommended. Also, be aware that it takes a long time to reach trace. Some have also noted to include sugar to increase lather. Lard generally has a negative connotation, but it really shouldn’t! Lard comes from animals, and a lot would go to waste if not used in soap. Many farmers and homesteaders make lard soap as a sustainable way to use all of the pig. Think of it as a way to up-cycle and use the entire animal.

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