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The handmade soap and cosmetic industry is becoming more crowded. Custom fragrances and scents differentiate your products from the competition. Large retail stores have done this for years and now Fragrance Formulator gives small handmade cosmetic companies the tools to do the same. Debbie May from Crafter’s Choice Brands and Wholesale Supplies Plus has spent the last 3 years working with fragrance houses to come up with the Fragrance Formulator system with the ultimate goal of providing single note oils that can safely and ef ciently be blend together for the ultimate  nal custom fragrance oil. In the following interview she provides key insights into the Fragrance Formulator system.
Q: Why did you develop Fragrance Formulator?
Q: Where can I get more info on using the Fragrance Formulator system?
A: Look for our book and video coming out soon!
Q: How do I know how to blend the oils?
A: All blends must equal 10 parts, which is the same as 100%. This 10 can be 10 drops, 10 ml, 10 ounces or even 10 pounds. As long as your blend contains a total of 10 parts you will be  ne with blending. For example an Apple Cider Scent is 7 parts Apple Oil, 1 part Pear Oil and 2 parts Spice Oil. An Apple Turnover Scent is the same except you use 2 parts Bakery instead of Spice. Once you  nd a blend you like, you can make it batch to batch or blend 10 ounces and store for your own future use.
A: I get the pleasure of meeting, emailing and speaking with thousands of makers a year. One consistent theme I started to hear was that they worked hard on their line but went to
a show and had another maker with the same scent. After
a while it just felt like the time was right for the handmade industry to have the opportunity to safely make blended oils.
Q: What is the Fragrance Formulator fragrance wheel?
A: The fragrance wheel outlines all of the oils in the Fragrance Formulator program. It is a quick list as to the top notes, middle notes and bottom notes to the speci c oil. It also provides an indication of the aromatic group. The back of the fragrance wheel has blending suggestions to get you started.
Q: How is this different than blending two oils that are not Fragrance Formulator?
A: Fragrance Formulator oils have been developed with a very tight speci cation range and with the intention of having multiple oils in the line blended together.
The different oils will molecularly stay blended and not repel each other in a way that may impact
end product performance. This is different than taking fully blended oils and mixing them.
They may have components that do not work together well impacting end product safety or

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