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Are shampoo bars better for your hair than liquid shampoo?
Typically, shampoo bars are gentler on the hair than liquid shampoo. This is because most commercial liquid shampoos use SLS which strips the hair of its natural oils. Handmade
SLS-free shampoo bars will leave the good oils in your hair and keep it moisturized, shiny and clean!
How much product should I bring to an event?
The general rule is to bring in product for 10% of attendance. This would mean if there are 4,000 people expected to attend the event you would bring 400 items to sell. This is a general rule that will vary according to event history, advertising and other makers at the show. Before the event, try to get a good gauge of what types of customers and how many you should expect at the venue and go from there! Bring the types of products that will attract the customer base and set a goal for yourself. Just remember every event will vary!
Someone suggested using 120% coconut oil in a coconut only soap recipe, what does this mean?
All formulas are 100% and they cannot physically be 120%. What they likely suggesting is that the soap is made from 100% coconut oil and no other oils and they have 20% super-fat (oil not reacted with lye). People do this because lye can be very drying and the extra 20% of oil that has not been reacted with the lye helps provide some moisturizing properties to the bar of soap.
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