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1. Live in the moment.
Exercise your ability to focus by being very present during conversations or whatever you’re doing in the moment. If you are playing with the kids, put thoughts of work aside and pay keen attention your child’s unbridled curiosity and the sound of his laughter. Aside from the pure appreciation of the moment, you’ll find that problem solving and creative ideas will come to you more easily as you stop placing demands on your brain to multitask.
2. Pursue your passions.
A great advantage to minimalism is the gift of time. The shedding of excessive material possessions allows minimalists to leave demanding jobs and stop the busy work associated with a more complicated lifestyle. While the mere practice of minimalism is a passion, those participating in the movement have time to develop other passions and contribute to important causes. When was the last time you regularly engaged in a meaningful activity? Doing so will bring a greater appreciation of life--and you’ll feel really good about yourself!
3. Rethink needs versus wants.
Minimalists search for happiness not through things, but through life itself. Most people believe that the next great thing will make them happy, only to find it’s not true. Happiness is found within, and material possessions are only the Band-Aids to our pain and discontent.
The next time you “must” have something, take a cooling off period before you make the purchase. Consider if it’s a want or a need: will it impact your life in a meaningful way? Imagine the unspent money that could go into the kid’s college fund, your retirement savings, or be donated to a charity that’s close to your heart. While you may not  nd instant grati cation, the bene ts of this mindset are far greater.

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