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Labeling Cosmetics
The one thing that seems to cause the most anxiety and confusion for handcrafters is the topic of product labeling. Here are some tips to help you determine the guidelines for your product so you can label like a pro!
Who makes the rules?
Determine which governing agency is responsible for regulating how your product is labeled. The three most common agencies for cosmetics are the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The FDA oversees all food, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics in the United States. The FTC is the agency that protects consumers from unfair or deceitful business practices or marketing. The EPA is responsible for an array of health and environmental issues including the registration and safety of pesticides. What is the intended use of your product? The “intent” of your product determines who regulates it. First, determine if your product is a cosmetic, a drug, a cosmetic AND a drug, or is it soap? What is required to be on the product label?
1.Product Identity
This may seem obvious to you, but don’t assume the consumer will be able to magically  gure out what is in the container. If it’s soap, lotion, body butter, massage oil, ne what the product IS on your label where it’s visible. Most regulatory agencies require this information to be on the front of your label where it is easily seen by the buyer on a store shelf.
2.Quantity of Contents
All regulatory agencies require that you disclose how much product is in the container. If the product is liquid like a soap or lotion, the quantity of contents should be represented in volume or  uid weight ( uid ounce, gram, kilogram, milliliter, liter). If the product is a solid like sea salts or body scrub, the quantity of contents should be represented by net weight (ounces, pounds). Your container may not contain less than the amount declared on the label.
1. FDA Labeling Guidelines: 2. FTC Labeling Guidelines:
3. FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program:
4. FDA Warning Statements:

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