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Spend time with your loved ones.
Spend time creating a Brainstorm ideas for new recipe or formula. creative new projects.
Write a note of gratitude to someone.
Meditate on who your customers really are.
- 30 Day -
Minimalism Challenge
DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 -----
Declutter your main creative workspace.
Journal about your successes, focus on positive.
Check expiration dates on ingredients. Clean your workspace storage.
Purge your junk drawer. Save only the essentials.
Work creatively without distraction. No phone!
Dedicate uninterrupted time to making something new.
DAY 9 ----
DAY 10
Clean out your desk, eliminate clutter. Organize + purge.
Create a relaxing space. Spend some time in it.
Donate old supplies, materials, books and craft tools.
Order supplies that you need to make a recipe that you’ve been meaning to try.
DAY 11 -----
DAY 12
DAY 13
DAY 14
DAY 15
DAY 17 DAY 18 -----
DAY 16
DAY 19
DAY 20
Say no to something that you don’t truly need to do.
Think of ways you can give back to your customers to show gratitude.
Eliminate a toxic relationship.
Clean off your computer desktop.
Dedicate uninterrupted time to learning a new technique.
DAY 21 -----
Meditate on the top 5 favorite things you make.
Simplify one of your daily routines.
Spend some time enjoying nature.
Go to an art museum or gallery to  nd inspiration and appreciate beauty.
Brainstorm 3 creative goals for the future & 10 things that you are proud of accomplishing so far.
DAY 22
DAY 23
DAY 24
DAY 25
DAY 26 -----
DAY 27
DAY 28
DAY 29
DAY 30
Purge your wardrobe. Color in a coloring Go a day without book. turning on the
Get all of your errands done today.
Try a new hobby or craft. Photography? Painting?

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