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Attract Millennial Customers With Simplicity
MINIMALISM is a growing trend among millennials. Why? First, we must consider the millennial customer. They are highly educated, value sustainability, have brand loyalty and are attracted to the simplicity of minimalism.
In this issue, we are using minimalism as a guide to help rid yourself of the excess in your life so you can direct your attention to what is truly important to you. The goal is to limit distractions so you can  nd true happiness, ful llment and a sense of freedom. This trend is becoming evident in fashion, interior design, art, and packaging design. Consider some ways you can  nd inspiration from the minimalist movement as a soap maker and cosmetic crafter.
Consider yourself as a consumer. Are you more likely to purchase a product with a paragraph of ingredients that you cannot pronounce? Or would you choose a product with fewer, simpler ingredients? Many millennials are becoming educated and aware of their consumption. They are drawn to products with less complex labels and more clear information. This attraction applies to the product design, the label design as well as the ingredient listing.
As a soapmaker and cosmetic crafter, creating products that catch the eye and stand out is what it’s all about. It may seem like the only way to do this is to create a product with rich, bright colors and interesting contrast. Perhaps you try to catch attention of passerby with your colorful packaging line. We believe you can still catch the eye of your audience by taking the opposite approach: keeping it simple. Try the minimalist approach to your product design, packaging design and craft table set-up.
Create bars of soaps with natural colors that use a few, simple ingredients. People love to use products created with ingredients they are familiar with because it feels safe and responsible. Make sure your label communicates this simplicity. Create a label that emphasizes the ingredients, or lack thereof, but does it in a way that is clear and concise. Stick to a small, recognizable color pallet and use fonts that are simple enough to catch the eye. It may seem completely different than what you are used to, but try living by the mantra, “Less is more!”
Subscribing to the minimalism trend will help you brush off the excess, and focus on what’s truly important. Remember, choose only a few ingredients and create labels with a simple design and minimal color. You will see over time that your simpli ed approach will save you both time and money. Your customers will feel good about using your minimalist products, and you will feel great about creating them.

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