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                   When September arrives, the air starts to get a crisp feel to it, apple stands abound and leaves start to change color and fall from the trees. We used Fragrance Formulator fragrances to create some blends that would remind us of this wonderful time of the year.
Calculation Example
Lovely Scent = 4 parts fragrance A, 4 parts fragrance B, and 2 parts fragrance C Your recipe calls for 1.75 oz. fragrance oil.
Fragrance A = 40% Fragrance B = 40% Fragrance C = 20%
Next, multiply the percentages by the total needed in your recipe.
Fragrance A: 40% x 1.75 oz. = 0.70 oz. Fragrance B: 40% x 1.75 oz. = 0.70 oz. Fragrance C: 20% x 1.75 oz. = 0.35 oz.
Blend 0.70 oz. fragrance A, 0.70 oz. fragrance B and 0.35 oz. fragrance C together and use in your recipe.
These fragrances are specifically formulated to blend well together. Each blend is composed of ten parts and each part represents 10% of the total fragrance. Try these blends in your next recipe or use them as inspiration to create your own customized fragrance blends!

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