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 FALL– that wonderful time of the year when the temperatures cool down, the air becomes crisp and the leaves turn beautiful shades of crimson, amber orange, sienna, golden yellow and rusty brown before falling gently to the ground. The days may be shorter, but they hold a brilliance of color and beauty that can take your breath away. If you have never experienced fall in the northern states, add this to your bucket list!
Fall harvest brings wonderful fruits and vegetables to our tables – apples, beans, broccoli, corn, squash, sweet potatoes and, of course, pumpkins for our holiday pies!
Fall brings thoughts of pumpkins decorating your front door. Hayrides and warm apple cider. Football. Making S’mores around the campfire. Warm cozy sweaters and the crunch of leaves under your feet. And the wonderful smell of fall in the air.
For many, fall is their favorite time of year. For others, it only brings the thought of winter a little bit closer. Whichever your preference, we hope this issue of Handmade Magazine finds you anticipating the fall months and wanting to make many of the recipes we have available for you. We have an amazing CP Football Soap, adorable CP Pumpkin Cupcakes and Toasted S’mores Sugar Scrub. We also have an apple shampoo and conditioner and, for you dog lovers, even a calming pet spray for your anxious pooch! We hope you find something you love in our fall issue – our favorite time of the year!
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