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Welcome to the Wholesale Supplies Plus - Soap Making Library!

Information found in this library has been gathered from years of experience and input from industry professionals. If you have suggestions or wish to make contributions, please contact us today! CLICK HERE to contact us.

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Swirl & Marble Soap Tutorial
Oil Chart for Lye Soap
Cosmetic Clays - Lesson 1
Cosmetic Colors - Properties
Fixed Oils & Butters - Properties
Fixed Oils & Butters Video
Cosmetic, Drug or Soap Video
Cosmetic Colors Video
Melt & Pour Soap - General Theory
Melt & Pour Soap - 1 Color Bar Video
Melt & Pour Soap - Layered Bars
Melt & Pour Soap - Embedding Items
Melt & Pour Soap - Suspending Items

Percentage Conversion Chart
Common Name to INCI Name Translation
INCI Name to Common Name Translation
Saponified Soap INCI Terminology

A Single Rose MP Soap
A Sip of Sangria CP Soap
Abalone & Sea Shells MP Soap
Acorn and Cinnamon Sticks MP Soap
Alphabet Soaps MP Soap
Americana Stars Soap Pops MP Soap
Anchor's Away - Americana MP Soap
Anchor's Away MP Soap
Apple Balsam Pine Tree Loaf MP Soap
Apple Brown Betty MP Soap
Apple with Leaf MP Soap
Artistic First Snow MP Soap
Artistic Perfect Pumpkin MP Soap
Baby Ducks MP Soap
Basil, Sage & Mint Goat Milk CP Soap
Bath Tea Guest Bars MP Soap
Bath Tub Paint
Be My Valentine MP Soap
Bed of Roses Loaf MP Soap
Beer Sampler Soap Pops MP Soap
Birthday Ducks MP Soap
Black Tie MP Soap
Blades of Grass Gridiron MP Soap
Blank Canvas MP Soap
Blue Heart MP Soap
Bunny and Egg in Basket MP Soap
Calendula Sun MP Soap
Candy Corn MP Soap
Candy Shop Soap Pops MP Soap
Candy Swirl Lollipop MP Soap
Celebration Loaf MP Soap
Celtic Rectangle Clamshell MP Soap
Champagne Toast Around the World MP Soap
Chocolate Truffles MP Soap
Chunky Ocean Rain MP Soap
Chunky Pink Berry MP Soap
Citrus Sunset Loaf Soap
Class of 2016 MP Soap
Coconut Milk & Luffa Soap Loaf
Coffee Mocha Loaf MP Soap
Conversation Hearts MP Soap
Creepy Eyeball Soaps
Curlz & Stars Loaf MP Soap
Debbie May's Best Soap Frosting
Dinosaur Ducks MP Soap
Dog Bone Shampoo Bar MP Soap
Duck in MP Soap
Easter Cross MP Soap
Easter Ducks MP Soap
Easter Eggs in Basket MP Soap
Easter Eggs with Embed Paper MP Soap
Embedded White Calla Lilies MP Soap
Fall Luffa MP Soap
Fish in a Dish MP Soap
Fisherman's Soap MP Soap
Flag Loaf Soap MP Soap
Flower Power Scrubby MP Soap
Football MP Soap
Fresh Picked Strawberry CP Soap
Geometric Loaf MP Soap
Ginger Orange Salt Spa Bar CP Soap
Gingerbread Man Clamshell MP Soap
Gingerbread Man MP Soap
Gingerbread Men Lollipop MP Soap
Glitter & Glam MP Soap
Glittery Party Cupcakes MP Soap
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh MP Soap
Graduation Caps
Green Beer & Clover Loaf
Halloween Ducks
Heart Wedding Ring Clamshell
Hearts & Clovers MP Soap
Hip Hip Hooray
Holiday Ducks
Holiday Gift Boxes
Honey Facial Bar
Hoot Owl
Iced Tea Loaf
Inspirational Bars
Japanese Cherry Blossoms
Kids Critters
Kitchen Scrubbie
Layered Fluorescent Soap Loaf
Leaf & Pumpkin
Lemon Sugar Soap
Leprechaun's Gold Loaf
Lunar Rocks
Margarita Lime Loaf
May Flowers
Melon Cupcake Soaps
Mens Clay and Tea Tree
Mens Shave Soap
Mens Travel Shave Soap
Mustache Soaps
My Teen's Favorite Face Soap
Neapolitan Ice Cream Loaf Soap
Neapolitan Soap Pop MP Soap
Oatmeal Scrubby
Oatmeal Stout CP Soap
Oatmeal, Goat Milk & Honey Rebatch Soap
Ombre Bunny Guest Soaps
Pamper Me Pedicure - Blue
Pamper Me Pedicure - Green
Pamper Me Pedicure - Orange
Pamper Me Pedicure - Red
Party Confetti Guest Loaf MP Soap
Pawprints and Footballs
Penguins MP Soap
Peppermint Bark
Pet Paws MP Soap
Photo Frame Soap
Pink Berry Mimosa Cupcake Soaps
Pink Ribbon
Poppy Flowers
Pot o' Gold
Princess Party Ducks
Pumpkin Pie Soap Loaf CP Soap
Pumpkin Pie Squares
Purple Calla Lily Soap Cakes
Raindrop Loaf Soap
Rainy Day
Reindeer Soap
Retro Bicycle MP Soap
Roll Up Soap Candy
Rosy Cupcakes CP Soap
Rustic Soap Wedding Favors
Santa's Tree Farm
School Books
School Chalkboard Eraser
School Ruler & Eraser Soaps
Scrabble Tile Favors
Sea Glass
Sea Glass Guest Soaps
Shampoo Bar CP Soap
Sheridan Leaf 3-D Soap
Simply Elegant Holiday Loaf
Single-Use Gym Bag Soap
Sliced Tomato Luffa Soap
Snow Balls
Snow Cone Soap Loaf
Snow Globes
Snowflake Clamshell
Snowflake with Embed Paper
Spa Ducks
Sparkling Champagne Loaf Soap
Sport Ball Embed Paper Soaps
Star Loaf with Curls MP Soap
Summer Fruit Soap Pops
Sunny Day Flip-Flops
Swirl Chunks Loaf
Team Jersey
Thanksgiving Ducks
Tree with Falling Snow
Under The Sea 3-D MP Soap
Valentine Ducks
Valentine Kiss Me Frogs
Valentine Mini Ducks
Valentine Sugar Cookies
Valentine Whoopie Pies MP Soap
Very Merry Cranberry Tree MP Soap
Watermelon MP Soap
Watermelon Slices MP Soap
Wedding Soap Gift Boxes MP Soap
Winter Penguin Ducks MP Soap
FDA Cosmetic Website
FDA Product Definitions & Information
FDA Industry Warning Letters
FDA Cosmetic Labeling and Label Claims
FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program
Consumer Product Safety Comm. - Business Info.
FDA Good Manufacturing Practices

Lye Calculator
Percentage Calculator
Batch Size Calculator

Cosmetic Color Additives Self Test
Layered Bars of MP Soap - Self Test

Tub Soap Label – Blue Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Blue Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Green Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Green Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Orange Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Orange Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Pink Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Pink Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Purple Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Purple Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Red Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Red Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Violet Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Violet Vertical
Tub Soap Label – White Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – White Vertical
Tub Soap Label – Yellow Horizontal
Tub Soap Label – Yellow Vertical
Class Of 2013 Labels
Picture Frame Labels
Love Letters - Embed
Baby Boy Embed Template
Baby Girl Embed Template
Baby Neutral Embed Template
Baby Embed Template
Alphabet Embed Template
Sports Embed Template
Powder Template - Black
Powder Template - White
Candy Corn Soap Labels
Box - Plain
Box - Black/White
Box - Bubbles
Box - Blue Geo
Box - Mint Geo
Box - Orange Geo
Box - Pink Geo
Label - Retro Lip Balm
Label - New Years Eve
Label - Cotton Candy
Label - Spray Naturally Clean
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