0.23 oz Glass Bottle Plastic Ball - White Cap
This glass roll-on bottle is great for roll-on body gel, lip gloss, body perfume and so much more! This bottle holds 0.23 oz (7 ml) up to 0.33 oz (10 ml) by weight and 0.33 oz (10 ml) by volume.

Bottle Height: 3.25".
Best Shrink Wrap Band: 35x90.

This 3 piece set includes bottle, roller ball assembly and cap. The cylinder bottle is made of clear glass and comes with a smooth white cap. The roller ball (natural in color) and insert are polypropylene plastic.

Country Of Origin: China

Fill bottle with liquid product. Firmly press the insert with plastic ball into the bottle then twist on the cap.


Available Sizes:
$1.41 for 1 Set
$7.05 for 12 Set
$17.78 for 48 Set
$76.76 for 240 Set (5 - 48 Set)
$177.36 for 864 Set (Bulk)