0.23 oz Glass Bottle Metal Ball - Black Cap
This glass roll-on bottle is great for body perfume, lip gloss, roll-on oils, and much more! This bottle holds 0.23 oz (7 ml) up to 0.33 oz (10 ml) by weight and 0.33 oz (10 ml) by volume.

Bottle Height: 3.25".
Best Shrink Wrap Band: 35x90.

This 3 piece set includes bottle, roller ball assembly and cap. The cylinder bottle is made of clear glass and comes with a smooth black cap. The roller ball is stainless steel and comes in a polypropylene plastic insert.

Country Of Origin: China

Fill bottle with liquid product. Firmly press the insert with metal ball into the bottle then twist on the cap.


Available Sizes:
$3.57 for 1 Set
$17.66 for 12 Set
$44.49 for 48 Set(ETA: 07/15/22)
$190.81 for 240 Set (5 - 48 Set)(ETA: 07/15/22)
$443.75 for 864 Set (Bulk)