0.5 oz Cobalt Glass Euro Bottle - 18 mm
This small half-ounce glass bottle is cobalt blue in color with an 18 mm opening. Works with 18 mm tops (sold separately).

Why People Use This Product:
To package handmade fragrance and essential oil blends.

Popular Products That Use This Product:
Essential Oil Blends. Fragrance Oil Blends.

Interesting Facts:
Material: Blue Glass
Style: Boston Round
Container Size: 0.5 fl. oz.
Height: 2.625"
Width: 1.125"
Length: 1.125"
Top Size: 18 mm

Country Of Origin: China



Available Sizes:
$1.55 for 1 Piece
$5.96 for 12 Piece
$15.89 for 48 Piece (4 - 12 piece)
$85.63 for 468 Piece (Bulk)