Crafter's Choice™ 0.5 oz White Dial Up Lotion Bar Set - Slip Cover
This 0.5 oz White Dial Up Lotion Bar tube comes as a set with a slip cover top. This small size is perfect for travel sized lotion bars, face cream, sunscreen and more!

Height: 3"
Diameter: 1.5"
Capacity: 0.5 oz
Label Area: 2" tall x 1” wide

Country Of Origin: United States

Pour liquid product in tube and let cool. Press cap on when cool. To use, remove cap and twist the dial on the bottom.


Available Sizes:
$2.68 for 1 Set
$13.08 for 12 Set
$45.90 for 48 Set
$473.05 for 750 Set (Bulk)