Crafter's Choice™ 0.5 oz White Round Lotion Bar Tube Set - Dial Up
We love this white 0.5 oz White Round Lotion Bar Dial Up Tube for small lotion bars or large tubes of lip balm and chapstick, just like popular retailers!

Material: Polypropylene
Label Area: 2.375" tall x 2.75” wide
Suggested Shrink Wrap: 40 x 40
Shrink Band for entire tube: 115 x 55

Country Of Origin: China

Pour liquid product in tube and let cool. Press cap on when cool. To use, remove cap and twist the dial on the bottom.


Available Sizes:
$1.58 for 1 Set
$3.36 for 12 Set(ETA: 10/22/21)
$9.80 for 48 Set(ETA: 10/22/21)
$385.78 for 3000 Set (Bulk)