Crafter's Choice™ 0.5 oz Natural Round Lotion Bar Tube Set - Dial Up
Container is great for large lip balm/chapstick, or small lotion bars; just like popular retailers!

Material: Polypropylene
Label Area: 2.375" tall x 2.75” wide
Suggested Shrink Wrap: 40 x 40
Shrink Band for entire tube: 115 x 55

Country Of Origin: China

Pour liquid product in tube and let cool. Press cap on when cool. To use, remove cap and twist the dial on the bottom.


Available Sizes:
$1.58 for 1 Set
$3.36 for 12 Set
$9.80 for 48 Set(ETA: 10/22/21)
$385.78 for 3000 Set (Bulk)