Crafter's Choiceâ„¢ 0.5 oz Paperboard Jar & Fitted Cap Set
This 0.5 oz Paperboard Jar is made from 100% paperboard this container is comprised of natural fibers that are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Use this eco-friendly packaging for lip balms, solid perfumes and more!

This paperboard jar is made with an oil resistant paper barrier and would be great for lip balm, body butter, solid perfume and more! Since the container is made from paper, it is not recommended to use any formulation containing water or water soluble ingredients.

Material: 100% Paperboard
Suggested Shrink Wrap: 65 x 55

Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$3.80 for 1 Set
$30.43 for 12 Set
$108.55 for 48 Set