02 oz Natural HDPE Boston Round Bottle - 20/410
This 2 oz Natural Boston Round Bottle is made of HDPE plastic.
Bottle Height: 3.25". Top Requirement: 20/410 (sold separately).

Tops sold separately.

Composition: HDPE Plastic (Virgin)
Recycle Number: 2

Total Bottle Height: 3.25”
Top Requirements: 20/410

Clarity: Opaque
Stiffness: Moderate
Impact Resistance: Excellent
Scuff Resistance: Very Good

Fragrance Oil greater than 15%: Poor
Essential Oil greater than 5%: Poor
pH less than 7: Very Good
pH greater than 7: Very Good
Alcohols: Good
Mineral Oils: Fair
Heat: Good
Cold: Excellent
Sunlight: Fair

Country Of Origin: China

Carefully pour product into container. If product is warm, allow to completely cool before applying top. If using a press and seal safety liner, the bottle rim must be completely dry before applying.

Tip: If attempting to fill many bottles of thick product, a donut filler with rubber tubing works very well. Call us at 1-800-359-0944 if you need a further explanation!


Available Sizes:
$1.66 for 1 Bottle
$5.16 for 12 Bottles
$16.44 for 48 Bottles
$237.85 for 975 Bottles (Bulk)