16 oz Clear Tuscany Plastic Jar - 89/400
The 16 oz Clear Tuscany Plastic Jar fits any 89/400 top and is a stylish jar for any product line. This style features a round bottom with straight walls that taper in halfway up. Fill this cute jar with butters, creams and lotions!

Tops sold separately.

Composition: PET Plastic (Virgin)
Recycle Number: 1

Total Jar Height: 3"
Jar Diameter: 4"
Top Requirements: 89/400
Suggested Shrink Wrap Band: 155x55
Country of Origin: United States

Country Of Origin: United States

Fill with product. Top with 89/400 lid.


Available Sizes:
$4.57 for 1 Jar
$14.93 for 12 Jars
$54.36 for 48 Jars
$121.58 for 160 Jars (Bulk)