Life Of The Party™ Sports Balls Assorted Mini Mold (LOP 26)
This soap mold is the ultimate sporty soap mold great for children's birthday parties, fundraisers and summer camp soaps! The Sports Balls Assorted Mini Mold includes 12 cavities with 3 basketball, baseball, football and soccer ball shapes.

Country Of Origin: United States

When making CP Soap coat the mold with cooking spray or line with plastic. Pour soap into mold. Unmold after 24 hours. When making MP Soap pour the melted soap into mold (do not use cooking spray or plastic). Cool until firm. Wrap soap immediately after unmolding. For easier unmolding, place into freezer for 30 minutes, and then immerse bottom of the mold in hot water for a few moments.


Available Sizes:
$4.95 for 1 Mold
$21.94 for 5 Mold
$41.95 for 20 Mold
$128.55 for 100 Mold (Bulk)