Leucidal Liquid PT
Leucidal Liquid PT is probiotic based preservative. Suitable for emulsions and anhydrous applications such as pressed powders. Inhibits growth of most bacteria, yeast and mold. This preservative also adds skin and hair conditioning properties!

Interesting Facts:
Paraben Free. Formaldehyde Free.
Manufacturing Temperatures: No Higher than 158ºF
Formula pH: Best Between pH 3 and pH 8, below 6 preferred

Country Of Origin: United States

Recommended use level: 2-4%.

Formula pH between 3 and 8
Water Soluble
Shake well before use

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Lactobacillis Ferment

Available Sizes:
$14.88 for 2 oz
$86.23 for 1 lb
$449.73 for 7 lb