Crafters Choiceâ„¢ Cetyl Alcohol Flakes
Cetyl Alcohol is a saturated linear chain cetyl alcohol that can enhance the stability and texture of creams and lotions. In doing so, they present a smooth, dense appearance to these formulations and improve their feel on the skin. It is a mild, non-toxic and non-irritating waxy material with a typical sweet odor. It is light resistant and stable in the presence of acids or alkali, as well as stable to oxidation.

Why People Use This Product:
To thicken and texture lotions and creams.

Popular Products That Use This Ingredient:
Lotions. Creams.

Interesting Fact:Flake form makes it easy to pour and melt down. Sweet aroma.

Recommended Usage Level: 1%
Physical Form: White Flakes
Solubility: Soluble in Oil and Acetone. Insoluble in Water
Country of Origin: Thailand

Storage: Room temperature. Airtight container.
Best Used By: One year from date of purchase.
Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: One year from manufacturing date.

Country Of Origin: Thailand

Usage a hot plate, melt down completely. Add to formula at 1%.


Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):
Cetyl Alcohol

Available Sizes:
$1.34 for 2 oz
$4.71 for 1 lb
$20.96 for 5 lb