Kraft Labels - 3.5" x 2.4" Arched (C 9)
This natural Kraft label is best for labeling most jars of cosmetics larger than 4 ounces. This label is made from a textured material making it perfect for products that are not exposed to water. For use in laser or inkjet printers.

See "SDS & Docs" tab for templates.

Common Uses:
Product Labeling. Craft Room Labeling. Booth Labeling.

Points of Interest:
Sheet Size: 8.5” x 11”
Material: Textured, earthy brown finish
Adhesive: Permanent
Printer: Laser or inkjet
Min. Application Temperature: +35ºF
Facestock Weight: 44 lbs/3300 ft²

Due to the unique shape, a Microsoft Word template is not available.

Product Specifications:
Length: 3.5"
Height: 2.4031"
Top Margin: 0.5035"
Bottom Margin: 0.5035"
Left Margin: 0.6875"
Right Margin: 0.6875"
Horizontal Spacing: 0.125"
Vertical Spacing: 0.1269"
Horizontal Pitch: 3.625"
Vertical Pitch: 2.53"

Country Of Origin: United States

Due to the unique shape, a Microsoft Word template is not available.

Store labels in a cool, dry place.

Print first onto plain paper, and then hold paper against label to make sure alignment and sizing is correct. If positioning is correct, then print onto label.

Handle label by edges to avoid oil transfer to label surface. Oil may cause smudging.

Allow label to dry before peeling or handling.

If label is getting jammed in printer or your design is smearing: Make sure ‘Labels’ is selected as the material type on your printer or in the printer settings.

If label is smearing in inkjet: Lower the DPI or quality setting.

If alignment is off: Make sure page scaling is set to none, “auto rotate and center” is unchecked in the print settings, and “Resize Page to Fit Printer Margins.” is also unchecked.


Available Sizes:
$4.17 for 1 Sheet
$14.28 for 10 Sheet
$30.08 for 25 Sheet
$50.15 for 100 Sheet (Bulk)