Crafter's Choiceâ„¢ Lip Tube Box (Holds 4 Tubes) - WHITE COLOR
Use this Glossy White Lip Tube Box to fit 4 - 0.15 oz lip tubes! Makes for a great gift set and looks professional on shelves. Square window in front and large labeling area on back.

Box holds (4) 0.15 oz round lip tubes or (4) 0.15 oz oval lip tubes. When using with the 0.15 oz Oval Lip Tubes, you will need to angle the tubes in the box to fit.

Country Of Origin United States

Follow creased lines to assemble box. Fill with 2 lip tubes and label accordingly.


Available Sizes:
1 Box $1.47$1.73
50 Box $12.71$14.95
200 Piece (4 - 50 piece) $40.76$47.95
2200 Box (Bulk) $303.48$319.45