These Crafter's Choice branded soap safety goggles are the perfect pair to protect your eyes when making soap. Goggles are lined with protective polycarbonate foam around the frames for a perfect fit to the face, which prevents any splashes from coming in contact with the eyes.
$5.94 for 1 Piece
$70.06 for 20 Piece
$1061.57 for 500 Piece

Hairnets are ideal for hair control and following good manufacturing practices when making soap and other products to sell.
$1.22 for 1 Each
$20.55 for 100 Piece
$119.12 for 1000 Piece

Our Basic Procedures Mask covers the mouth and nose to prevent from directly inhaling chemicals. This mask is especially important to have when mixing lye for handmade soap.
$1.51 for 1 Piece
$16.75 for 50 Piece
$58.76 for 300 Piece

This Mask with an Exhalation Valve protects lungs from larger airborne particles. Allows for easier breathing when making product with dangerous airborne chemicals.
$9.61 for 1 Piece
$54.96 for 10 Piece
$401.60 for 120 Piece