This Plastic Beaker is a necessity in your soap making equipment collection! Works well for mixing additives, colors and small batches of mp soap. Microwavable. Also ideal for melting small batches of lip base. Pouring spout makes it very easy to fill lip tubes. Holds 3 ounces. Graduated Markings in ml and oz.
$1.32 for 1 Piece
$4.79 for 6 Piece
$22.31 for 48 Piece
$248.53 for 1000 Piece

These Plastic Droppers are perfect for measuring small amounts of liquid, especially fragrance, when making soaps, lotions, lip balms and more. These disposable droppers should only be used once thus reducing your chances of contaminating products. Holds 3 ml
$0.68 for 1 Piece
$2.50 for 10 Piece
$5.56 for 50 Piece
$11.14 for 100 Piece (2 - 50 piece)
$94.34 for 1000 Piece
$301.63 for 5000 Piece

This measuring cup is made from sturdy polypropylene plastic and hold 4 cups (1000ml). It is microwave and dishwasher safe making it great to use for Melt & Pour Soapmaking, Cold Process Soapmaking and Lotion Making. Complete with a handle and spout making it easy to pour liquid ingredients
$4.40 for 1 Each
$255.98 for 96 Piece

The Crafter's Choice Mixing Cup holds up to 32 ounces and shows measurements for up to 26 ounces. The clear sides have a percentage chart printed on for convenient use while formulating soap, lotion and more!
$1.32$1.76 for 1 Set
$12.30$16.40 for 12 Set
$37.28$49.70 for 48 Set
$530.19$589.10 for 1000 Set

Our Paper Roll pH Strips are economical & easy. to use when testing the pH of your handmade soap. Each roll contains 15-foot of test paper and matching color chart with a bright single color matches at every 1.0 interval from pH 1.0-13.0. Provides for approximately 100 tests for your soapmaking needs.
$15.59 for 1 Roll

These Plastic pH Strips are conveniently packed in flip-top vials making them easy to store with the rest of your soap making eqipment. They are premium quality, wide-range plastic strips offer clear, bright single color matches at every 1.0 interval from pH 1.0-14.0. Use to test the pH level of handmade soap.
$31.22 for 1 Bottle

This 8 cup (1.9 L) pot made from stainless steel is a safe way to mix cold process soap batter. The sturdy handle and spout makes it easy to pour batter into molds safely. Also great for melting wax and hard butters on hot plates!
$40.02 for 1 Piece
$177.36 for 8 Piece

This Digital Display Scale is one of the best on the market for soap, lotion and other cosmetic making! Measures in Grams, Lbs:Oz, Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms. Large easy-to-read digital face.
$81.50 for 1 Each
$181.72 for 4 Each

Professional Grade Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer. Dual laser for faster and more accurate measurement of temperatures. Popular tool for soap making and lotion making!
$72.42 for 1 Each