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All orders processed in our facility require an account with log in information. Creating an account is used for these purposes:
  • Rate A Product – Receive a Coupon
    Help shoppers make informed decisions with honest feedback on product performance. We post all comments that fall within
    our rating guidelines. As soon as your comment is reviewed for spam, your coupon is issued to your account for use on your next order.

  • Question & Answers
    Ask a product or industry question and receive an answer emailed to you and posted on the website for future reference.
    If you have an answer to a posted question, you can answer the question.

  • Discount and Promotional Emails
    If we do not have your email address, we cannot send you notice of discounts and promotions on new, and closeout products!
    Our storewide flash sales are among our most popular special offers.

  • Manufacturer recalls
    When you place an order, we keep record of all products you purchase and the lot numbers. In the event there is a manufacturer recall,
    we will be the first to notify you.
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