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Antioxidants & Vitamins

Crafter’s Choice Antioxidants & Vitamins are commonly used in lotions, lotion bars, lip balms, body butters, sugar scrubs, and massage oils. Antioxidants and vitamins prevent oils from going rancid, and should not be confused with preservatives. These products are not a substitution for preservatives as they serve two different purposes.

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Crafters Choice™ Carob Extract - Water Soluble
Carob is a pod that grows on trees that it thought of as a superfood and a substitute to cocoa powder. Carob Extract can be used in your homemade facial cleansers and creams because it is popular in face care! You can also use this super product in soaps and bubble baths.
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$4.00 for 1/2 oz
$8.14 for 2 oz
$53.34 for 1 lb
$307.84 for 7 lb (7 - 1 lb size)
$562.29 for 25 lb (Bulk)

Crafters Choice™ Honeyquat
Thought to be a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is thought to be an excellent cleansing agent while improving skin texture and surface smoothness. It also provides excellent hair shine.
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$3.20 for 1/2 oz
$4.88 for 2 oz
$18.81 for 1 lb
$118.41 for 7 lb
$366.35 for 39.6 lb (Bulk)

Crafters Choice™ Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE)
Rosemary Oleoresin Extract is a natural anti-oxidant. It is 100% pure and has a dark green color and particular aroma. It helps extend the shelf life of oils by preventing them from turning brown and going rancid. This is not a preservative and will not prevent mold, yeast and/or fungal growth. ROE also helps combat DOS.
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$6.63 for 1/2 oz
$13.99 for 2 oz
$89.52 for 1 lb
$1262.00 for 33 lb (Bulk)

Crafters Choice™ Vitamin E Natural T-50
Vitamin E T50 is an excellent antioxidant for product containing oils. All natural Vitamin E 50/50 blend with edible vegetable oils. Vitamin E is a great additive to enhance lotions, lip balms, sugar scrubs, beard oil and more! Slight characteristic odor.
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$2.79 for 1/2 oz
$6.03 for 2 oz
$31.85 for 1 lb
$579.19 for 44 lb (Bulk)

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