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Getting Started: Coloring Melt & Pour Soap Base

This lesson will walk you through the process of using color in your MP Soap Base. 

There are four things to find out about a color before you use it. Most of the time, the supplier that you are purchasing from can provide this information.
  • FDA Approved Applications - Is it approved for use in MP Soap?
  • pH Stability - Is the color stable in a high pH product? Soap has a pH of 8 - 9.
  • Color Fading - Will the color fade in UV light?
  • Color Migration - If product design has layered colors, will the color migrate or “bleed” between layers.

Color Options:


Mica: Mica colors give sparkle and bling to soap. They are best used in clear bases in which light can reflect off of the particles to reflect the sparkle. In white bases they will produce beautiful pastel colors. 
  • Mica can be added directly to MP Soap Base at a rate of 1/4 -1 teaspoon per pound of base. The less you use, the lighter the color. The more you use, the darker the color.
  • Mica typically mixes into soap base pretty easily so no need to premix with anything. If you notice some of your mica has been trapped inside of an air bubble, spritz with alcohol and continue to stir.  
  • You can also purchase Mica Soap Color Bars, which contain mica already premixed into an MP Soap Base. You simply cut off a chunk of the color bar and mix into your melted base.
*See photo for example of Crafter's Choice® Crimson Sparkle Mica Powder in clear and white soap bases.


Pigments & Oxides: Pigments, oxides and ultramarine colors are favorites among soap makers because the colors do not morph and they are non-bleeding. 
  • Powdered pigments and oxides are best if premixed with glycerin, as they can be clumpy when mixed directly into an MP Soap Base.
  • To premix, simply add 1/2 teaspoon of powdered pigment to 1 ounce of glycerin and mix using a Mini-Mixer for best results. Add the desired amount to your melted soap base. 
  • You can also purchase premixed pigment/oxide liquids and pigment/oxide soap colors bars to make the job easier. 
*See photo for example of Crafter's Choice® Matte Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Powder in clear and white soap bases.


Clear Dyes: Dye powders are super concentrated colorants and are approved by the FD&C for use in soap. Dye colors usually migrate between soap layers so keep that in mind when using. Some dyes can also be sensitive to UV light and fade if exposed. A UV Inhibitor has been added to most of WSP dye products to ensure stability in UV light. 
  • Dye powders are best if premixed with distilled water. Add drop-by-drop of the mixture using a pipette until you get your desired color. Using too much colorant in your soap can result in staining. 
  • To make things easier, you can purchase premixed dyes in liquid or dye soap color bars.
*See photo for example of Crafter's Choice® Stained Glass Sunflower Orange Liquid Color in clear and white soap base.



Clays: Natural clays are a great way to not only color MP Soap Base but also provide light exfoliation and additional cleansing properties. Clays range in color and benefits. 
  • You can use clay at 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per pound of MP Soap Base. Clays work best if pre-wet using distilled water. Simply add distilled water to the clay to make a loose paste and mix into your soap base. 
*See photo for example of Crafter's Choice® Orange Illite Clay in clear and white soap base.


Herb and Spice Powders: Using spices and herbs is a great way to lend natural color to your soap. From paprika to madder root and parsley to pumpkin, spice and herb powders come in a rainbow of colors.
  • You can use 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of herb powder per pound of soap. Most will give a speckled result. You can add directly to soap base or you can pre-wet using distilled water.
 *See photo for example of Crafter's Choice® Spirulina Powder in clear and white soap base. 


Now you should have an idea of the various ways you can color your MP Soap Base. There are so many different choices to choose from. You can get color sampler kits to try a wide variety at once. 

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