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Business - Boost Sales by Offering Seasonal & Trendy Products

Offering a base product line year-round will ensure your customers always have the ability to reorder their favorites. However, selling a rotating lineup of seasonal items or offering the latest trends in fragrance, flavor and color could give your business a boost.

There are several reasons why trendy and seasonal products have the potential to bring in extra sales and profits:

Scarcity Increases Demand. If your customers know certain ingredients or products will only be available “while supplies last or “for a limited time only,” you’ve added to their appeal and created higher demand for those items. Buyers will want to take advantage of the offer during the time it’s available, resulting in a bump in sales. Effectively communicating this urgency to customers could even result in larger or more frequent orders while these products are available. 

Capitalize on Seasonal Excitement. There’s a reason most people crave pumpkin spice in the fall, gingerbread in the winter and floral scents in the spring: seasonal traditions hold a special place in our memories. You can build on this seasonal excitement by offering products with associated colors, scents and flavors.

Popularity Creates Opportunity. Ingredients like hemp, argan oil, shea butter and essential oils have each had their moments of popularity as bases or additives in body care products. When an ingredient has captured the spotlight in the marketplace, it’s a great idea to feature your own products that contain this ingredient, or create new versions of existing products, to meet demand and increase sales.

Make a Splash. Whether you decide to offer seasonal items or products using the latest ingredient trends, it’s important to let customers know what’s coming. Building hype ahead of time will not only get buyers’ attention, it will add to the appeal of these limited time products, increasing demand when these products become available.

How to Update Your Product Catalog

While adjusting your product offerings to keep up with seasonal demands and changing trends may seem overwhelming, it can be done quite easily by using a tried-and-true product with a simple recipe tweak.
For example, consider our recipe for a basic foaming sugar scrub, which calls for the following ingredients:

35 oz. Sugar - White Granulated Sugar
16 oz. Foaming Bath Whip - Traditional
10 oz. Premium Extra Clear MP Soap Base - 2 lb Tray
1 oz. Glycerin - Natural
1 oz. Vanilla Almond Fragrance Oil 624
0.30 oz. Preservative - Water Soluble PF
15 Drops Stained Glass Lemon Yellow Liquid Color
Simple updates would involve swapping the vanilla almond fragrance oil for seasonal favorites, such as coconut or watermelon for summer; pumpkin or caramel for fall; pine and peppermint for winter; and fresh, floral scents for spring. The color also can be changed to reflect the seasons: red or green for the holidays; pastels in the spring; bright, vibrant colors for the summer; and icy whites and blues in the winter.
By keeping the same base and adjusting only the color and fragrance, you’ll be able to offer the same quality products with a seasonal twist. This same strategy can be used for adding popular ingredients, or in the case of lip products, changing the flavor oils for each holiday or season.
Wholesale Supplies Plus distributes a wide variety of high-quality ingredients to produce small batches of handmade soaps, cosmetics and more. Shop our online catalog to find all your needs when it comes to seasonal ingredients and popular trends.

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