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Marketing Tips: Mother's Day Sales

Mother's Day offers a huge selling opportunity for soapers and handmade artisans. People spend a lot of money buying Mother’s Day gifts each year and handmade bath and body products are among some of the most popular items consumers plan to buy. We want to help you have the most successful Mother’s Day season yet, so here are some facts, figures, tips and tricks to sell your products for Mother’s Day.

Understanding the Market

Most Americans plan to spend almost $180 on Mother’s Day gifts this year and 29% of them will choose to buy from a specialty store, 27% will shop Online, and 23% will buy from a local business. As a handmade bath and body artisan, you are in a great position to benefit from Mother’s Day sales because many of you hit all three of those markets: local, specialty and Online.

If you are wondering about the specifics on Mother’s Day spending, people spent $22.3 million on Mother’s Day in 2017 which was an increase of 4.6% from 2016. This included $1.9 million being spent on things like apparel, accessories and personal care products like soaps, lotions and more!

Standing Out in the Market

People have a lot of options when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. There are flowers, cards, jewelry and more. But as a handmade artisan, you can create something truly unique. When planning for Mother’s Day, consider what products will work well for your customers to gift.

Plan ahead and create some Mother’s Day specific products. Consider creating special gift sets like pedicure and manicure sets. Add in extras like socks, eye masks and moisturizing gloves. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to up-sell. People want to splurge on their gifts for their mothers and grandmothers, so make sure that you plan for the holiday.

How to Up-sell

Up-selling is an integral part of holiday sales. People can often be convinced to spend a little more for something extra when it’s for a gift. This is where the up-sell comes in. If you are selling special Mother’s Day soaps or lotions, consider adding in gift wrapping. This makes the gift easy to give and gives you the opportunity to add on a few dollars to the finished product.

If you have already created gift sets for the holiday, consider what other items you can add to them easily. For instance, if you have a relaxation gift set with pillow spray, lotion, and a bubble bath, adding in an eye mask or a set of fuzzy socks is a great way to make the gift set extra special and allows you to charge a bit more for it.

The Bottom Line

Mother’s Day presents a huge opportunity for handmade bath and body artisans. People have money to spend and they want to spend it on gifts for their mother, grandmothers, stepmothers and more. Plan accordingly so you can attract sales and start your spring and summer season on the right foot.


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