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United States Regions: Expand Your Business

We want to express the importance of knowing, celebrating and embracing the region in which you live. It is beneficial to both yourself and your business, or hobby, to truly know your region. It can help you get a grasp of who you are and what your customers may expect from you. It can also help target different demographics that you may, or may not, typically hit.

The United States is divided into five different regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West. The divisions are based on many different factors. Some of these factors include climate, geography, environment, traditions, values, common interests and lifestyles. Although we are one united country, each region is truly unique. You may be wondering how this applies to you and your business or hobby. By understanding the characteristics of the people in each region, you are essentially understanding five completely different, yet reachable, target markets! If you know which market(s) you want to target, the next step is to develop an adaptable product line.

The purpose of this magazine is not only to help you understand the differences in each region but also to help potentially expand your product line. Adding products that attract more than one type of customer may be easier than you think. It can be as simple as adjusting a recipe to incorporate an ingredient familiar to, or favored by a different region. From our gathered information, you will find what makes up each region beyond the state lines. You will learn why they are divided the way they are, the common interests and cultural norms these groupings share, and fun facts that are crucial to the uniqueness of each region. Along with our gathered information, we have provided examples of different products and guidelines you can use when targeting your region, as well as the other four regions of the United States.

As you read, we hope that you will use our research and recipes as inspiration to dive into untapped markets that are outside the lines of your region’s borders. You may be doubtful in your ability to reach out and grab new customers, but it can be easier than you think. By making products that incorporate properties of your region, you can attract not only those who live near and are loyal, but you can also attract visitors and tourists. You may also consider selling online so you are not limited to only those around you.

The demand for handmade cosmetics is surely increasing across the United States. The demand for locally made and American made products is also increasing. Take advantage of this time and make the move to celebrate and incorporate your region into your product line! We hope that this issue of Handmade Magazine will provide you with the information and inspiration you need to do just that.

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